Batbar Mitzvah

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Your Bat/Bar Mitzvah Options:

  • White facade front board with led lighting.
  • Full sound system which includes 2 full range speakers & 2 matching subs.
  • The subs give the room that extra punch with bass, like in the clubs.
  • Two intelligent lights, which are high end moving heads, like in the clubs or at an indoor concert.
  • One smoke machine to enhance light show.
  • One gobo light to project your guest of honors name or initials on the wall or dance floor.
  • Full computerized Dj set up.
  • 50 inch plasma TVs, to display welcome screen, which is a display of your guest of honors picture, name, & type of party.
  • 50 picture montage with music, a 10 minute display of her pictures that you supply in advance with a choice of two songs.
  • One DJ, of Jewish decent & specializes in Bat Mitzvah events.
  • One DJ, & one M.C. party motivator, who creates a party environment.
  • One percussionist.
  • One photo booth & operator that prints out photo strips and album that is given to you.
  • One candid photographer, who takes photos of party from start to end, which are displayed on plasma & is given to you on a photo cd.
  • 8X8 step & repeat with red carpet, a custom background display for everyone to pose for photos.